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Broadband Internet


Launched new for 2007, 4 SQR Broadband now enables 4 SQR to provide a complete solution for its customers' communications. There are so many Broadband solutions available that it seems impossible to choose one deal against another. Customers tell us they want "a solution that works, at a decent price, is reliable, and we know who to call when there is a problem." Delivering exactly this is what 4 SQR is about, and now delivering services over 4 SQR Broadband will benefit customers' even more, since more of the control for provision and ongoing diagnostics support is within our service reach.

Our Broadband service is engineered for low latency applications making it especially suitable for voice phone calls - ideal to accompany 4 SQR new IP Telephone System portfolio. All 4 SQR connections all come with a fixed IP address as standard at no extra cost making the connection more suitable for using with remote access applications.

So for GREAT Broadband, and GREAT support and service, trust a 4SQR Broadband connection. Prices start at just £15.50 per month plus VAT for unlimited usage 512kbps. Call or email for more details and to order - Click Prices and FAQ here. (Please check update also)

Alternative Broadband

4 SQR, can and does still operate as an independent Internet & telecoms services provider, and can supply and recommend solutions using various different Internet Service Providers to match a clients requirements. However after some experience of working with existing clients, it is good t4e3wqo know there is safety and confidence and the knowledge of past success with particular Service Providers. In addition to 4 SQR Broadband, one such provider, GRIFFIN Internet, we have been working with successfully for a long time, and can be ordered direct from here.

Setting up Email
Need help on setting up email with your Broadband connection ?
Checkout the email help page

Test your ADSL Broadband connection is working OK, and perform a speed test
If you are having problems getting connected on your Broadband link, click here for a test you can do to see if your line is properly Broadband enabled, and if it is performing at the correct speed.

A complete range of equipment is available also including Wireless ADSL Routers, IP PBXs, SIP Phones and VOIP solutions, along with installation and configuration set up services.



4 SQR Broadband Internet  - Business office and home connections  from 512kbps - 8Mbps. Click for more info.

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