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Internet & Telecoms :: consulting & services

4 SQR Health check

This is a project-based review of a company's Internet and/or telecommunications services to evaluate their effectiveness and cost structure. It provides a report with recommendations on any courses of action to minimise capital expenditure and ongoing expenses, together with proposals for future strategic development. Duration would depend on scope and size of business.

Typical daily/hourly rate plus expenses.

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4 SQR Broadband

You may know you need to update your Internet access and take advantage of a high-speed, always-on connection, but you are not sure how to go about it, which service provider to choose and what impact it will have on the business.

Click here for prices, more info or to order Broadband now

4 SQR Broadband IP Voice and PBX services

A range of Broadband related services are now available including modems and routers, supplied, configured and installed. In addition 4 SQR can help you through the technology mire, for an understanding of the wealth of flexibilty and cost-efficient services available in implementing business Voice over IP (VOIP) services, SIP Lines, IP PBX solutions and more. <more>

Typical daily/hourly rate plus expenses along with some fixed rate work undertaken

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4 SQR Web Hosting and web design

Based resiliently on the UK Internet Backbone, 4 SQR Web hosting service offers comprehensive suite of free templates, free Web Builder software, and loads of freebies to help build your own site. Or else a solid hosting platform for your site to be hosted and managed for you. Unlimited space and traffic available. Domain name registration included in the hosting packages. DNS and Email management included in the hosting service.

Prices start from just £55+vat for 12 months hosting

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4 SQR Number Services - 0800, 0845, 0870

Whether its more business you are after or a better way of managing your call handing, 4SQR is about the cheapest place for these types of numbers and you can be up and running in hours in some cases (a few days in others). With FREE connection, and FREE MONTHLY RENTAL, all you pay for is the calls on 0800 at 4p per min +vat (to a fixed land line) and calls and rebate on 0845 most often cancel out. For 0870 a rebate is paid to you for incoming calls.

Self Managed Number services are also available where you can have 3 numbers which ring in turn (eg office, mobile, home) with a given number of rings you determine. All this is configurable from a simple secure web page, at just £15 per month (+vat)

For Ofcom number classification info click here

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4 SQR Texting Services

SMS Text messaging is of great business value whether it is communicating with engineering or installation staff or sales team, a simple message can most efficiently be delivered by text often. But many business people feel all fingers and thumbs when it comes to texting. So the services on offer enable an email or a web interface to be used to send text messages to many people at once. Couple this with extra special pricing deals on text messages themselves, this is attracting a significant amount of attention.

Prices start from just £20+vat per month with texts costing from 5p

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4 SQR Virtual ICT Director

For organisations whose business demands more dedicated attention or direct responsibility to cover the implementation, strategy, management, development, support of telecommunications or Internet services. A long-term contract or retainer can result in a day a week (for example) involvement dependent on client requirements.

Typical daily rate plus expenses.

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4SQR Independent Consultancy

For specialist projects in the field of internet and telecommunications, where the scope and nature of the project is entirely client led.

Typical daily/hourly rate plus expenses.

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4 SQR Virtual Sales Executive/ Agency sales

There is no doubt that selling overheads constitute a large part of most sales - in some cases they can be well over 50%. Many Internet or telecommunications services may benefit from indirect selling at a significantly lower overhead. 4 SQR Ltd may provide sales expertise to promote and sell services of a third party company in return for commission fees on sales. Please call or contact sales@4sqr.co.uk to discuss this further.

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All rates exclude VAT at 17.5% and are subject to agreement of terms.



4 SQR Broadband Internet  - Business office and home connections  from 512kbps - 8Mbps. Click for more info.

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