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Business Start Up Packages highlight Communications Freedom
30th January 2008

4 SQR Ltd recently published an article in KM Group magzine for Start Up Business highlighting the benefits of considering IP Phone lines as a quick and low cost means of getting started in business. Check out the article copied here.

To coincide with this release, 4 SQR announced new packages launched especially to meet the need of start up businesses for a simple one off connection charge, and a monthly rental with calls. More information on the packages available here.

For pricing and further details contact ncp@4sqr.co.uk or call 0870 224 7424

Announcing 4SQR MOBILE PHONE Online Shop - 4sqrmobile.co.uk - great deals on mobiles with next day delivery
23rd April 2007

4 SQR Ltd continues its drive to deliver great telecoms products at competitive prices with its latest move in the mobile phones market by the launch of 4SQRmobile.co.uk. Launched today, the website boasts access to the major Mobile networks with the latest in handsets from all the major manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG at very competitive prices along with imaginative contract packages of texts and minutes together with a next day delivery.

"Our business is very much built on people relationships and trusted service delivery to help our customers communicate better, for less money. Existing suppliers have given us the opportunity to provide mobile solutions for customers, but now we can be even more competitive for the small number of handsets" explains Nigel Panter, Director of 4 SQR Ltd. "This focussed Internet shop provides fantastic prices and is a place our customers can go in the secure knowledge there are great internet deals provided by people they know and trust. We hope also to benefit from the cross selling opportunities from the site to inform mobile customers of the many IP Phone Systems and broadband service offerings we also provide."

The mobile shop site is underpinned by a relationship with the Carphone Warehouse, one of the UK's leading mobile providers.

For Mobile Phone service offerings visit www.4sqrmobile.co.uk or for more information email Nigel Panter on info@4sqrmobile.co.uk or call 0870 224 7424

Fears over Internet Broadband connections being hi-jacked reminds users for the need to secure their home networks
17th April 2007

Warnings have been issued following radio news reports today that a quarter of Home Wireless networks are insecure.The radio report on BBC five live went on to feature a police spokesman who explained that this could lay a innocent (insecured) wireless home user open to being investigated by police for fraud or even accused of downloading child pornography.

The situation arises if a Broadband ADSL Connection is fitted with a Wireless Router or Hub and security is not set up on the unit when it is installed. This can mean any person sitting in a car outside the premises can pick up the connection and use it to connect to unsavoury sites or even download illegal material. What people often don't realise is that the rental of a Broadband connection comes with an acceptable useage policy (AUP) which obligates the renter to legal usage of the internet link (and rightly so). Should the link be used for illegal purposes however, the traffic can be traced to the Broadband connection the material was accessed from using the IP address, and this can lead to police having no choice but to investigate all the computers which use the connection. Broadband users who permit neighbours or friends to use their connection may also be at risk in this. Whilst in the example of someone stealing access to an unsecured wireless connection from a nearby car perhaps, it would no doubt end with the computers being declared free of the illicit content, the embarrassment and interference, not to mention disruption and worry, would be considerable.

The message is clear - secure your wireless connection NOW! 4 SQR can assist with this either remotely with telephone based Router configuration support for £20+vat or a full on site install from £40+vat. Call now, or email to book an appointment.

Changes in Broadband Migraton process introduced by BT may affect pricing
20th March 2007

Changes in prices and a new process may affect new Broadband installations and migrations due to by BT's recent changes which reflect the company's evolution to comply with the EMP (Equivelance Management Platform) expected to be completed by March 31st.

For the full information, click here

NEW !! - 4 SQR BROADBAND LAUNCHED. 4 SQR is pleased to announce its own Broadband service, offering customers low contention Internet access at competitive rates for home and business connections.
5th Dec 2006

"This is an exciting step forward for 4 SQR" enthused Nigel Panter, of 4 SQR. "We have been working on customer solutions involving Broadband connections for a long time now, and it is great to be able to provide a complete solution." Panter explains the addition to the portfolio is in response to Customers requests, and early interest in the new service has been extremely encouraging.

This forms the first of two key steps which will see 4 SQR capitalise on its expertise in the IP voice arena, focusing more on solutions using voice over IP (VOIP). The next step will see 4 SQR launch its own SIP service for IP voice lines which are delivered over broadband. 4 SQR provide IP PBX solutions using VOIspeed - Europe's leading software based IP phone system.

"4 SQR is seeing a ground-swell of interest from small to medium businesses in using Broadband as a means for delivering calls, internet traffic for web and email, and other interactive applications. Meeting this market demand is precisely what 4 SQR achieve using various supplers currently," Panter explains, "and gradually, we are bringing services under the 4 SQR banner. This strengthens the service offering, and simplifies the solution for the end customer, therefore ultimately providing better value for money."

Up to 8Mbps Broadband ADSL is available nationally from 4 SQR BROADBAND, with contention ratios on the Broadband service are optimised for low latency, high throughput, with Quality of Service and various enhanced support service offerings are available too. Delivery lead times are 5-10 working days and prices start at £17.99 for 50:1 contention ratio up to 8Mbps and 2GB traffic.

More information is available from this website in due course, and by emailing or calling 4 SQR on 0870 224 7424

"IP or not IP ? That is the question." 4SQR add to telecoms portfolio with Voice over Internet Protocol Telephone System Solutions.
20 May 2006

As the world puts more and more minutes across the Internet using Skype and other Voice over IP telephony solutions, the SME business market needed a quality and flexible solution to really take advantage. 4 SQR has been following one such product over the last year in its development, and believes the latest version known as V3 of VOIspeed meets exactly the criteria.

"There are significant advantages to using the internet for calls these days" explains Nigel Panter, director with 4 SQR."Not only the obvious opportunity for free calls, but true flexible telephony solutions which are low cost but permit a new degree of freedom for example for remote workers or multiple small sites. An employee working on a broadband line can be every bit as connected as those in the office, and all those in the company can see even when they are engaged on the phone!". VOIspeed is a professional Telephone System which runs as a software program on a PC and will provide telephone access for SIP phones (dedicated phones which communicate using Session Internet Protocol across a Local or Wide Area Network) or Soft phones (software running on a PC with a handset or headset connected to a USB port on the PC) across a combination of SIP lines, ISDN lines, or Analogue Lines.

In the first few weeks of supporting the product, 4 SQR installed the system in 3 seperate businesses in Kent, the first being Ashford based Channelmoving.com (specialists in removals between UK and France). 4 SQR have recently been accredited as the key Reseller of VOIspeed in the South East by the UK distributer Telecoms.co.uk

For more information on VOIspeed or IP Telephony in general, Nigel Panter or call 0870 224 7424

4 SQR aims for the pinnacle of Africa - Kilimanjaro Trek in aid of Nairobi Children
30 November 2005

Nigel Panter, Director of 4 SQR Ltd is to take up the challenge to scale of the highest peak of Africa, Kilimanjaro at 5895m in Feb 2006. He is leading a team of people to raise money for a school bus which is needed by children in the outskirts of Kenya capital Nairobi.

Three members of his church, Christ Church in Herne Bay, together with his brother Tim, from Bristol, and other friends from the UK will join 8 Kenyan climbers to attempt the 8 day trek. They will brave sub zero temperatures and life-threatening altitude sickness scaling the highest freestanding volcano in the world. Whilst thousands attempt the trek each year, it claims 20-50 lives each year. For Panter, who was born in Kenya along with his siblings, it will be his first return to children from the Nairobi schoolKenya since 1971. "I am thrilled to be coming back to my birth place", he says "and great to be able to do so for such a positive reason albeit a tremendous challenge. The children in Nairobi have significant distances to travel to school and the streets are dangerous. The bus will ensure their safety as well as make the school more accessible to more children."

The group are looking to raise over £20,000 for the new School bus, and are busy in various fundraising activities. The trek is being sponsored and anyone or business wishing to contribute can do so at www.justgiving.com/nigelpanter.

Kilimanjaro at 5895m -  sponsor the climb at www.justgiving.com/nigelpanter

For more information contact Nigel Panter or call 0870 224 7424

Ofcom adds a new number range (020) 3 for new London customers
20th May 2005

Ofcom launches public information campaign to support introduction of (020) 3 London telephone numbers. Ofcom today began a public information campaign to raise awareness of London (020) 3 numbers. Ofcom announced (020) 3 as an additional number range for London in July 2004 to meet the capital’s growing needs for new telephone numbers.

The additional (020) 3 number range will be used alongside the existing (020) 7 and (020) 8 numbers. (020) 3 will be given out to some residential and business customers who put in a new line or apply for a new telephone number from late summer onwards.

It is important to note that this is not a code change; existing residential and business customers do not need to change their existing telephone number.

Ofcom announced in November 2004 that it will release the first blocks of (020) 3 numbers to telecoms companies from 1 June 2005. Telecoms companies will then start to issue these numbers to residential and business customers in London later in the summer.

A public information campaign will begin today across London and the South East explaining the (020) 3 numbers. Ofcom is also working with telecoms companies who will begin to inform their customers over the next few months as part of their regular written communications.

Ofcom’s own campaign includes:

4,000 advertisements in London Underground carriages.
Advertisements in the Evening Standard, Metro and 72 local newspapers across London and the South-East. Distribution of leaflets to public libraries, Citizens Advice Bureaux and doctors' surgeries. Information leaflet sent with every routine Ofcom licence mailing. Hot link to (020) 3 information from the home page of the Ofcom website at www.ofcom.org.uk.

4 SQR portfolio introduces professional Web hosting platform
14th Dec 2004

4 SQR extends its service portfolio to include a easy-to-use professional Web hosting platform to meet the increasing numbers of customer's web solutions requiring this service.

Extending naturally from the increasing activity 4 SQR has seen in its Customer's web and internet solutions over recent months, this fully featured web hosting service claims to meet just about every need for any type of business hosting environment.

The service options allow for unlimited web space, traffic, databases with MySQL, php support, Microsoft Server Extensions, E-Commerce, SSL support, and even provides over £300 of software available free with each hosting package. Email accounts can be configured by the user through a simple and secure web based portal, with no previous knowledge of special codes and commands necessary.

"Offering such a complete range of services, simple to use and at such competitve prices is a breath of fresh air for customers." explained Nigel Panter. "This is just one of many new services we are launching over the coming months we are very excited about."

With prices including registering of a UK domain and managed web hosting starting from £60 a year, it is easy to see why the service is seen as so attractive to small businesses and start-ups.

For more information contact Nigel Panter or call 0870 224 7424

Announcing the launch of new service inviting customers to lower your bills
6th April 2004

Responding to demands from clients, 4 SQR is pleased to launch its newest service of call routing for businesses looking to lower their bills. The service enables businesses to customise their telecoms costs to lower their charges in the areas they most need - whether local national, mobile or international.

Experience and expertise deepened as Paul King joins 4 SQR
7th October 2003

With over 20 years of telecoms and datacoms experience including 8 years in leading Internet Service Providers and 14 years of management experience, Paul King brings to 4 SQR a great deal of value.

Until his recent departure from International Telecoms company Cable & Wireless, Paul King was a key member of the Network Technologies team with a remit for both global and regional networks. He now promotes his services through 4 SQR and range from IP network strategy consultancy and projects through troubleshooting and operations to interim management.

4SQR moves and changes
2nd September 2003

In the heat of the summer on 20th August 4 SQR Ltd offices moved to more rural surroundings. Recorded in the Doomsday book, the old village of Broomfield just outside Herne Bay is now home to the business, boasting a traditional establishment with great reputation for eating and drinking just a couple of hundred yards away! (Huntsman and Horn)

4 SQR finds 'solid foundations' for business
15th October 2002

With over 13 years of experience in the industry, Nigel Panter, founding director of 4 SQR Ltd is well placed to advise or assist businesses in getting the best from their investment in communications. "4 SQR Ltd provides an exciting new opportunity" he says. "The industry needs flexible, unbiased, experienced people at low cost for short periods at a time". Through his recently established consultancy service, Panter aims to deliver this....



4 SQR Broadband Internet  - Business office and home connections  from 512kbps - 8Mbps. Click for more info.

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