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  4 SQR finds 'solid foundations' for business
15th October 2002

With over 13 years of experience in the industry, Nigel Panter, founding director of 4 SQR Ltd, is well placed to advise or assist businesses in getting the best from their investment in communications. "4 SQR Ltd provides an exciting new opportunity" he says. "The industry needs flexible, unbiased, experienced people at low cost for short periods at a time". Through his recently established consultancy service, Panter aims to deliver this.

In his most recent role in Band-X Ltd, Panter founded the world's first Internet Transit exchange, known as Band-X Routed. Launched in London in February 2000, it rapidly became one of the largest transit providers in Europe. It was the first opportunity for buyers of IP capacity to compare prospective providers before buying through an independent Quality Index, and has changed the way that many businesses buy Internet services. During 2000/ 2001 he, and his team, built IP Exchanges in 7 different countries across Europe, USA, and Hong Kong. Prior to this Panter started the wholesale sales division for Wimbledon-based Internet Network Services, a dedicated corporate internet services company which was acquired by C&W in summer 1999. This followed over 8 years in various roles with BT plc in London and the South East.

Now, recently established consulting company, 4 SQR Ltd, derived from the old term "four-square" meaning 'sturdy, reliable with good foundations', is focussing its attentions on helping businesses controlling their communications' costs and improving their benefits to the business.

"Many companies" explains Panter, "are operating with few or no dedicated people focussing on the communications aspects of their business. This usually means this responsibility is heaped on already busy managers and executives. With the telecommunications and Internet markets in turmoil, there may well be financial, economical and operational consequences which may be missed as a result."

4 SQR Ltd aims to provide focussed support in these areas, so that business which wish to review or check the state of health of their communications, can do so on a consultative project basis. "It surprised me, when I was at Band-X, how few companies were actually geared up to take advantage of the fantastic low prices and flexibility which were available on the IP exchange. I'd like to help companies get a better deal than they are often currently getting".

Alternatively, a company may desire to retain 4 SQR Ltd to provide a dedicated Director or Manager responsible for the telecommunications and/or Internet aspects of their business for a longer period of time. Dependent on the size of the business, just spending a day a week in the office and available contact at other times, may be all that is needed to provide the appropriate level of focussed cover.

Having spent most of the last five years building, promoting and developing business in the Internet field, Panter is also able to offer more specialist consulting for service providers and operators in this sector. "I'm open and interested to discuss any opportunity where we may be able to assist, whether it is for product development, integrating Internet technologies with other products and services, or any other aspects of strategic opportunity" he concludes.

Whilst based in Kent, 4 SQR is promoting its services throughout London and the South East of England, and is in easy reach of Western Europe.

4 SQR can be reached on +44(0)1227 808587, or

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